Wolverine and the X-men Animation Art

With the release of Marvel’s recent hit movies such as X-men and the Amazing Spider-man 2, it’s no surprise that Marvel memorabilia in general is grabbing a lot of interest. Animation art is one of those über niché areas collector’s are looking at for investment purposes. Because the industry and production process is quickly moving in to the digital realm and the hand-drawn artwork is becoming a thing of the past, these drawings are becoming harder to get. Not to mention they make an awesome addition to any Fans collection.

These are examples of the hand drawn one of a kind production pieces from the 2009 Marvel Animated Series Wolverine and the X-men from episode 20 and episode 26 available exclusively from HeroWiz.com.

Joe Giordano

Joe is a comic and art lover to the core. A lifelong creative himself he utilizes his passion for comics, animation and art on a daily basis as the fearless leader of Herowiz.com.

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