Virginia is for lovers…and Havok is from Hawaii

Mapping Marvel Origins

Ever wondered what Hank McCoy and Johnny Blaze have in common? Wish you had first appearance and identity status info for heroes and villains alike at your fingertips? Do you always forget that Namor’s landlubber – excuse me, surface dweller – surname is McKenzie? Well then, we invite you to bamf on over to this cool “Mapping Marvel’s Origins” website. In a cheeky turn, this isn’t an officially sanctioned Marvel production but something cooked up by the fine folks at national online real estate brokerage Movoto. I guess even costumed meta-humans have hometowns and housing needs, huh?

Mike McCann

Mike McCann is a lifelong geek with a deep and abiding passion for comic books, science fiction and all things pop culture. Why, yes - he IS an only did you know? He's also a history major, a hockey and football fanatic and a music nerd of the highest order. In other words, you want him on your pub trivia team. Seven year old Mike once received a letter from DC Comics encouraging him to "keep drawing and maybe you'll work for us someday!" His grade school library published a Dungeons & Dragons-inspired book he wrote at 12, and he's never looked back. Since then, he has worked in creative or strategic roles at college radio stations and newspapers, record companies, music magazines, dens of Internet iniquity, budding media empires, global telecommunications outfits and software development consultancies, with each stop allowing him to turn his hobbies into a job. Call him the Vice President of (Arrested) Business Development. Mike lives in Toronto, Canada with his patient wife and their five year old, superhero-obsessed son. Among their prized possessions are a NM copy of X-Men #94, a replica of the Shakespeare bust from the Batman TV show and a Death Star cookie jar.

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