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thor_set__93312.1379623814.1280.1280I saw Thor dark world last week, and I am still running it over in my head. Of course, I was rooting for the superhero, Thor, but man, Loki was awesome. He sure knows how to be treacherous. I am not very good at remembering plot lines, Thank goodness for the internet, where I can review the previous movie. I loved how Loki steals the show.

It is really hard to review a movie without spoilers, but I’ll share a few impressions. Definitely a girl’s take on the film:

  • The wrong guy in the movie has his pants off.
  • One of the most beautiful scenes in the movie for me was the gorgeous evocation of Norse ritual in the funeral scene. Spectacular.
  • Chris Hemsworth should eat more protein. Just kidding on that one. There’s a shirtless scene which makes me question why he had to have a costume on the rest of the movie.
  • The baddest bad guy wasn’t terribly original—can’t anyone think beyond the look of the Predator? You’d think the most cursed thing in the Universe might be less humanoid.
  • Am I the only romantic that wants more romance in superhero movies? I felt more chemistry going on with Lady Sif! Do Gods do the FWB thing? Natalie Portman, love her, but the Oscar did nothing for her portrayal of Jane foster.
  • Thor’s hammer sure looks like a Dollar Store toy in some scenes. Or am I just thrown by his massive strength? It’s a strange magic prop, for sure. I want to try to try to pick it up, maybe when I try to pick Thor up.
  • Idris Elba! who knew that colored contacts could make you so much dreamier. Loved him As the character of Heimdall, and you can guard my realm any day, or keep my gate un-Bifrosty. Even if you mostly only have to stand still and look like you’re guarding.

I wish I knew more about Norse mythology–the nine realms, rainbow bridge, etc. Thanks, Marvel, for igniting my curiosity. Thank you Alan Taylor, for introducing some other worlds – Showing us Svartalfheim (home of the Dark Elves) and Muspelheim (home of the fire giants) and of course, Asgard, Thor’s home. Lovely place, would totally visit. How did Odin,Thor’s father played by sir Anthony Hopkins, score such a babe?
Kat Dennings as Jane’s intern Darcy, provided perfect comic relief. Some of the best dialogue falls to her.

Overall, a very satisfying sequel, that leaves you anticipating more. More is better. we want more, we want more.

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