The Top 7 Comic Book Twitterers

The HeroWiz Top 7 favorite Comic Book Twitter writers

Twitterer, is that even a word? Who cares? We love Twitter, especially for the real-time conversation it allows between some comic and animation greats. So we made a list of our Top 8 favorite Twitterati (we love to make lists…that “Top 5 Records” scene in High Fidelity hits a bit close to home). So who are we following for real-time giggles, news and creative inspiration?

Brian Michael Bendis – @brianmbendis

Everyone’s favorite Ultimate Spider-Man writer (and more of course), Brian’s twitter feed is full of news and insights from a writer’s perspective for the major hero franchises. He is prolific on Twitter so if you aren’t one of those people who dig multiple tweets an hour, read on.

Paul Dini – @paul_dini

Like a little bit of snark mixed in with your comic mumblings? Look no further than Paul Dini, the DC/Warner Bros. vet who tells it like it is while promoting the work of his friends.

Joe Quesada –  @joequesada

As Chief Creative Officer for Marvel Joe seems a bit busy for Twitter most days, but when he does talk it’s an interesting world of inside baseball (with lots of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.).

Joe Kelly – @JoeKellyMOA

Our favorite Man of Action is full of advice for budding (and professional) screenwriters, especially if you like “ill-tempered heroes and comedy of questionable taste”.

Phil Hester – @philhester

As an artist, penciler and writer Phil brings the funny to the (let’s face it) sometimes mundane daily life of a comic book artist.

Christoper Yost – @yost

This current New Warriors writer uses Twitter to be a bit silly AND a bit awesome.

Skottie Young – @skottieyoung

Alright we admit, we’re a sucker for the process of making comic books. No one illustrates this better on Twitter than Skottie Young one of our current favorite artists.

Last but not least, you can follow Herowiz on Twitter. We occasionally say funny things and promise not to bite.

Liz Schwartz

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