The Saturday Evening Post-Rock

Andrés Moncayo Spider-Man as SuperRocker

You know we love mash-ups at HeroWiz, and we’ve got a few more inspired ones to share with you. Some of Marvel and DC’s finest have been sent through the pop culture meta-machine, and we present two examples of great work from opposite ends of the style spectrum. First up is digital artist Ruiz Burgos’ series of Norman Rockwell-worshipping renditions of iconic DC characters, done up like classic Saturday Evening Post covers. These are gorgeous, and make you wonder how on Earth 2 a certain Alex Ross didn’t come up with the idea first:

Ruiz Burgos tackles superheroes Rockwell style
Ruiz Burgos

About as far away from that treatment as you can get is Andrés Moncayo’s “Super Rockers” gallery, which re-imagines both The Avengers and The Justice League (well, let’s call them The Super Friends since we see a few punk-tastic Wonder Twins in the mix) as buzz blog-ready musicians. We especially dig Wonder Woman’s magic lasso as microphone cord, and Wolverine’s not-so-subtle cowbell tattoo:

Andres Moncayo brings out the ROCK in your favorite comic heroes
Andres Moncayo

Mike McCann

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