The real heroes of the new Guardians of the Galaxy film?

By all accounts the new Marvel Studio’s film Guardians of the Galaxy is shaping up to be a critical and box office success. While the Guardian’s marketing originally seemed to push Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord as the newest un-expected Marvel superhero (and he is REALLY good) based on the fan reaction the real stars seem to be Rocket and Groot.

In the past week and a half since the movie hit the big screen the art that revolves around everyone’s favorite non-raccoon and sentient tree-like creature has been proliferating out of control. The new Rocket Raccoon comic illustrated and written by Skottie Young has been flying off comic store shelves and is estimated to become Marvel’s #1 selling title for July 2014. Artists seem to love this odd-couple and their unique friendship and have been showering them with love…

Liz Schwartz

Liz is a creative director and designer with a love of all things cute and animated. When she's not digging through vinyl bins to expand her ever-growing collection of soul records, she can be found trying to tame her fuzzy brown sidekick, Chewy the crazy ChiaPit. With camera and mechanical pencil in hand, Liz is a 20 year veteran of Chicago's creative community who hopes to leave the world a better designed place, one brand at a time.

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