Pixar is giving away Renderman Animation Software

Toy Story
Image Provided by: Pixar

Image Provided by: Pixar

Yup, you heard that right. Pixar has decided to give away its’ Renderman Animation Software for non-commecial use starting in August 2014. Some of the same software used to create Pixar’s Wall-E and the blockbuster hit Disney’s Toy Story. This software won’t give you a final cut but if you’re looking to dabble a little in animation… Free is the cheapest way to go. Especially when this usually runs about $500 bucks.

Wanna get your hands on it? You can sign up here to be alerted as soon as the Pixar Program goes live.

Remember, this software is non-commercial use only and if Pixar catches you trying to make some loot off their product, I’m sure the outcome won’t be very positive for the end user.


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