Introducing Hazarai – For all Fankind

A screenshot of Hazarai

I recently was speaking with one of my buds about how to boost visits to our website and he pointed out I needed more back links to

During that conversation he mentioned a free social media website called Hazarai {haaz-uh-rye}. A pinterest-esk type of site for sharing all things geek. I figured with my uber niche market it would be worth a look. After about 5 minutes of poking around… I was hooked, signed up and racking everything my nerdy self likes related to comics and animation.

From their about us page:
“Hazarai is an online content sharing destination for all things Geek Cuture. It’s a place for fans of comic books, action figures, video games, and more a dedicated home to discover and share all their favorite geeky content from around the internet.”

If you enjoy anything nerd or geek based I highly suggest you go check this site out. It just launched and looks like it’s going to be a major asset for our community. I can’t wait to see how this site grows and what additional features are planned for the future. Below is a short video introducing

Joe Giordano

Joe is a comic and art lover to the core. A lifelong creative himself he utilizes his passion for comics, animation and art on a daily basis as the fearless leader of

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