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    1. This group is for buying, selling, trading, and discussing the following: comic books/toys/games/other things related, action figures/statues, sci-fi books/toys/games/other related… I think you get the point.

    2. Treat others with respect. That whole “golden rule” thing… or go with Thumper’s philosophy if you’d like, whichever works. But if you can’t be a civil human being to members and admin, we will permanently remove you. You don’t have to like someone to show them some basic respect. You don’t like someone? Then leave them alone. Simple as that.

    3. We do NOT allow the posting of digital comic books – UNLESS that is the only format they come in. So let’s say you post a scan of Action Comics #1 in its entirety… you will be SWIFTLY removed from the group. Forever.

    4. We kindly request that members refrain from public arguments. It’s one thing if you’re all politely disagreeing in a discussion posted, but if you have to resort to petty name-calling and the like, then we say goodbye to you. (Remember rule #2?) This will be taken much more seriously from now on.

    5. If you have a problem with another group member, whether it is harassment or a problem with a transaction, contact one of the admin please! But also please note with transactions, there is very little we admin have the power to do. Most of what you need to do can only be done through paypal and such. Many people have a problem with no public outing of members they are having issues with – here is why admin is enforcing this rule, regardless of the issue: #1, there are 2 sides to every story and nobody ever knows all the details on either side. Sometimes something was a simple misunderstanding or mistake and the buyer (usually it’s a buyer) gets up in arms and bad-mouths them everywhere and some poor person now has a bad rep they maybe don’t deserve. It happens and we’d like to avoid that if possible. #2, publicly outing a seller (usually it’s a seller) makes them angry and they then don’t feel the need to be nice to you or work things out with you! #3, if you want admin help, then not only does the outed one feel animosity towards you, but they do to admin as well because we allowed the post on the wall. Then we lose what little ability we had to help you out with things, mediating. So it works better for both seller and buyer for things to be taken care of discreetly!

    6. 18+ comics & related are allowed, but the pics of them must be edited to hide the naughty bits (blurred or barred digitally or hidden when pics are taken). We can’t enforce an age limit in the group but we can help keep the corruption to a minimum. That being said, we don’t allow magazines like Playboy and such here.

    7. If admin asks you to do something, please comply. We aren’t trying to be jerks and we will try to privately contact you if the need arises, not publicly for all to see. We do remove people who can’t follow the rules like decent human beings.

    8. Bumping restrictions: do not bump your post(s) more than once every 12 hours (and deleting the comment does not deceive admin… if we see if moving to the top mysteriously a lot we aren’t stupid, we know what’s going on) and, depending on the amount of things you have to bump, do not bump more than 5 posts/pics/shares at a time. If you have a whole album, it’s advisable to bump the album itself instead of individual pics.

    9. eBay and other auction listing share restrictions: due to complaints, we are limiting how many auction listings you can share – only share up to 3 at time in a 24 hour period. Or share 1 link for all your items for sale. Bumping rules apply to these too (which is rule #8). AND PLEASE BE OPEN TO PEOPLE ASKING YOU TO SELL OFF OF EBAY! Not everyone wants to buy off ebay, so please be respectful of that! (And selling off of those auction sites will save you listing and selling fees!)

    8. Admin reserves the right to add, subtract, or edit any rule as we see the need.

    9. HeroWiz is NOT responsible for any transaction or situation that happens within the forum. Buyers, sellers and traders agree to take complete responsibility for participating on these boards.

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