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Once HeroWiz had outgrown my garage and it was time to find a suitable warehouse, I stumbled on a place in Melbourne Florida. It was about 10 minutes from the house, and after seeing about 20 different locations, i was getting tired of looking. Driving around I noticed a for lease sign in a warehouse complex and pulled in to take a look. I visited with one of the tenants to ask how the landlord was and how he took care of issues that arise. After rave reviews from him, I decided to bite the bullet and sign the lease.

Darth Vader Screen Accurate Costume by Portumac Prop Studios

Darth Vader Screen Accurate Costume by Portumac Prop Studios. This puppy runs about $4500.00 complete and takes about 8 weeks to make. To place an order you can contact them on their Facebook page

That tenant was a really nice guy named Manny Ramero. The sign on the wall read Portumac Prop Studios. Manny, Previously a pilot and now… a prop maker was outside testing a remote control life-size Star Wars R2D2 unit when I met him. (I kinda took it as a sign that this space was meant to be). I was instantly amazed at the detail. Manny invited me into his unit to check out the layout and over all conditions of the space which helped seal the deal. But as I stood there, my surroundings took me deep into my own personal movie scene as 2 life-size Terminator statues peered over my shoulder and a 7 foot tall Alien stood against the wall with a bad ass custom paint job. It was at this point I realized what this guy did for a living was just freakin’ awesome.

Everything from Scaled models, to full size wearable Star Wars costumes all hand-made by a hardcore fan.

It’s been about 2 years since I’ve moved in to the space. I’ve watched Manny’s portfolio grow and his speed of production improve.

Recently, he’s teamed up with previous Stan Winston Prop Master, Andy Meyer. Andy has a focus on Military model kits and Marvel prop replicas. Andy worked on the Spider-Man 2 (2004) movie with Doc Ock as well as the Terminator films during his tenure with Stan Winston Studios. His personal work and model kits can be viewed here at

Custom Light Up base Stark Industries Bang Lite prop replica from the Hulk movie. 2008.

Custom Light Up base Stark Industries Bang Lite prop replica from the Hulk movie. 2008.

Andy and Manny have just completed their first project as a team on this Stark Industries Bang Lite used in the Ed Norton and Liv Tyler version of the Hulk movie from 2008. It has a custom base which under-lights the prop through a green translucent gamma radiation logo. Embossed on the base is the Stark Industries logo and a clear removable acrylic cover to protect against dust.

As soon as I laid my eyes on it, I wanted one. And since I sell Marvel Merch and animation as well as a long time Hulk fan, I instantly offered to post it to the site for them. (Secretly hoping to find one left on my door step)…

This is a really cool collectors piece any Marvel fan would love to have on display and retails at $299.95. Free Shipping in the US.

Portumac Prop Studios and Special Ops Models are currently working on other Marvel prop replicas and hopefully, I’ll get a sneak peek in coming weeks. But for now, grab one of these while you can. It’s pretty sweet work.

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