Experience Hellboy’s Right Hand of Doom with Limited Edition Beer

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Experience Hellboy’s Right Hand of Doom with limited edition

Dark Horse Comics is celebrating Hellboy’s 21st birthday

with a beer — specifically, the Right Hand of Doom Red Ale, a
limited edition release from Oregon-based Rogue Ales.

Though available nationally at “http://buy.rogue.com/Rogue-Hellboy-Right-Hand-of-Doom-Red-Ale”
target=”_blank”>Rogue.com, the Right Hand of Doom debuts
in Portland at the Things From
Another World Comics
store, where Hellboy creator Mike
Mignola will be signing books alongside Matt Kindt (Mind
), Eric Powell (The Goon) and Brian Wood
(Rebels) on Friday, Feb. 20.

“When Dark Horse Comics published the first Hellboy story 21
years ago, I never thought there’d be a Hellboy beer,”
Mignola said in a press release. “But I really can’t imagine
a better time for Rogue to introduce the Right Hand of Doom
beer. If Hellboy was real, I guess he’d finally be able to
buy me a beer.”

“Hellboy has appeared in graphic novels and comic books,
prose novels, two animated features, two live action films,
toy lines and all manner of merchandise,” Mike Richardson,
President of Dark Horse, added in a statement. “Rogue Ales
approached us with the idea of creating a heavy-handed,
supernatural red ale and we loved the idea of two
independent, Portland based companies coming together to
create something new that would be both fun for fans and
worthy of the Mike Mignola’s creative legacy.”

“This beer is dedicated to the B.P.R.D,” Brett Joyce,
President of Rogue Ales, said in the announcement. “Right
Hand of Doom is brewed with all the same passion and
intensity that Mike Mignola and Dark Horse have brought to
Hellboy for the past 21 years.”

Pre-orders are being accepted now for the Right Hand of Doom.
The beer has an ABV of 6.8%, and clocks in at 82 IBU.

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Source: Experience Hellboy’s Right Hand of Doom with Limited Edition Beer

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