Dawn of Dawn of Justice

Dawn of Dawn of Justice

While considerably shorter than the Age of Ultron footage Marvel shared, DC and Warner Bros did their own bedazzling with a note-perfect teaser trailer from Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Borrowing heavily from both the plot and the visual milieu of Frank Miller’s seminal The Dark Night Returns series, Comic-Con attendees were treated to arresting, rain-soaked glimpses of Bruce Wayne decked out in his bulkiest britches and going toe to toe with the Man of Steel, whose heat vision gives him quite a reach advantage.

The crowd also got a look at a brand new Bat-signal design and the world’s first glimpse of actress/model/former Israeli soldier Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, whose new costume is sure to spark many a conversation. The only thing missing, it appears, like it is from all Zack Snyder films, is a rich color palette. Even the cheapest comic books were made with four hues, sir, and you’ve got waaaay more budget to play with than them.

The DC Panel at SDCC 2014 for Dawn of Justice

Mike McCann

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