Chris Prunckle

chris-prunckleWhen his coloring books were taken away at the age of five, Chris started down the dark dreary path of artistic expression. For years his stubbornness fueled his search for creative mastery, until finally, at the age of 12, he won a local art competition. Unfortunately, that would mark the apex of his all too young career. The high he received from that grand prize bicycle would never be experienced again. Since then, he has fallen into deep obscurity working on comic books for Canadians, self-publishing comics about giant fists, and creating thousands of ideas to line the comic book racks of his mind.

Chris can currently be found as a denizen of the Chicago advertising scene, and deconstructing himself in his weekly web comic “Wannabe.” The 10-speed bike remains in his parents garage, a reminder of better days gone by.

Got a project you need an artist or production guy for? Shoot me a message below and I’ll get back to ya.


Joe Giordano

Joe is a comic and art lover to the core. A lifelong creative himself he utilizes his passion for comics, animation and art on a daily basis as the fearless leader of

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